Abby Copeland

Counselor / Consultant

Abby Copeland is a certified massage therapist practicing just up the road from Milldale Farm in beautiful Bradford, VT. Abby studied massage at the Green Mountain Massage School in Hyde Park, VT and is currently enrolled in an advanced orthopedic massage training program in Cambridge, MA. With a deep desire to help others and a passion for health and wellness, Abby combines the modalities of Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release and trigger point therapy to tailor each massage session to her clients’ needs.

Like everyone, there’s a story behind how Abby came to massage therapy after years in sales and marketing and then food service and restaurant management. She gladly shares what she has learned on her journey to help others on their own. From cubicle-working, networking and working with your hands to natural birth and motherhood, from chronic illness, mental illness and trauma to spirituality and meditation, from foodie fun to healing with food, from community-building to personal growth, Abby draws on her own life experience to connect with her clients in order to aid in their individual quest for wellness and wholeness.

When she’s not massaging clients, reading about massage or watching massage-related videos, Abby can most often be found shuffling her two kids (and their friends) around the Upper Valley, strolling in the hills or lounging at the lakes and rivers, practicing yoga or attempting to resurrect the family legacy of vegetable gardening and animal husbandry (so far she’s successfully raised a half dozen ridiculously robust houseplants and an ill-behaved 14 year old dog). She and her husband look forward to the day when their kids read sci-fi novels to them before bed.

For the second year, Abby will be offering massage and bodywork at the Vermont Be True Yoga Festival. She will also offer a smattering of healthy treats to refresh and revive the festival goers. Additionally, Abby will assist Sheena Loschiavo’s Restoritive Yoga and Aromatherapy Massage workshop to be offered at the festival.